Uraro Cookies

Uraro are Filipino cookies made with arrowroot flour, butter, and eggs. They’re melt-in-your-mouth treats perfect for a midday snack. Delicious with coffee or tea!

What is uraro

Uraro or araro is a Filipino signature cookie made of arrowroot flour. They’re a Southern Luzon regional specialty where they’re also known as galletas de liliw.

The cookies have a powdery and melt-in-your texture and a milky and buttery taste. They usually come in various shapes, such as rounds, stars, or flowers.

What is arrowroot powder

Arrowroot powder or flour is the main ingredient of Uraro. It’s an easily digestible starch extracted from the tropical tuber, Maranta arundinacea.

It’s a great substitute for cornstarch in cooking, such as thickening sauces and soups. It’s also a gluten-free alternative in baking and helps lighten cakes and baked goods, resulting in light, delicate textures.

Baking Tips

  • Use light-colored baking sheets with no etching or texture on the surface. Smooth ones work best for easy release.
  • If you do not have a cookie press, refrigerate the dough for about 15 minutes to firm up, then shape into 1-inch size balls. Arrange the dough balls in a single layer on the baking sheet. Use the tines of a fork to press the dough ball into a disc.
  • For a deeper, toasted flavor, bake the cookies for 1 to 2  minutes more,
    or until the sides start to turn deeply golden. For a more delicate flavor, bake the cookies just until the sides are very lightly golden

Bake the arrowroot cookies until the undersides are starting to turn golden. Completely cool in the pan before removing.

To remove, gently slide the cookie with your fingers until it releases. Do not use a spatula to lift the cookies, as they’re very fragile and might break.

How to store

  • Uraro cookies are traditionally sold wrapped in flimsy Japanese paper or papel de hapon. To store, wrap a stack of the cookies with the paper and twist the ends of the paper to completely seal.
  • For longer freshness, store the cookies in an airtight container. They’ll keep at room temperature for up to 5 days.

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